I am studying psychology for many reasons. One of them being a subject that interests me. Unlike other subjects like science or history, psychology comes to me. It makes me feel intelligent. I believe that psychology is an important field. The reason being that many people out there need help psychologically, mentally, emotionally, and they need someone they can trust to share everything with. In addition, people need to be able to express their emotions to others, professional others, to get help overcoming hard times. I have had experiences in my life where I knew that helping people is what I want to do with my life. I am also studying criminal justice which was inspired by the show law and order: SVU.. I have a strong passion for criminal justice and I wish to become a criminal psychologist.


Computers play a role in my future career aspirations. Through my career and throughout graduate school, there will most likely come a time where I have to perform experiments or criminal profiling. Many experiments can involve computers. This can be because of the administration of surveys, administration of testing materials and so on. Computers also play a role because of many aspects of the criminal justice system. These can include criminal records, evidence, tests etc.




Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz, co-developer of RSS and Reddit, committed suicide. “When he tried to ‘liberate’ data from an academic website, US authorities responded fiercely. He faced a fine of up to $1m and 35 years in jail. Then he took his own life (Day, 2013).” Some of the reasons behind what happened are that he hacked documents from the government run PACER, and he committed computer fraud in Boston, illegally obtaining documents from protected computers,” he also stole online documents from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Martinez, 2013).” This says that U.S. law can be very harsh, but is also particular in who is sanctioned. I feel that the sentence of 35 years in prison is too extreme for this type of offense. But on the other side of it, I feel as though he should have learned his lesson after being arrested the first few times after committing the offense.


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STEM Subjects

STEM subjects are those in the fields of science, technology, education, and math. Most stem jobs require a large amount of education. STEM jobs on average pay more than do regular jobs.  Every major group of STEM occupations enjoys overall median earnings that are above the national average. As a group, STEM workers earned about 70 percent more than the national average in 2005, according to BLS (Terrell, 2007). As is seen in the chart below, employment in STEM jobs has been increasing since 2004 and there are also more job openings in STEM jobs, with more of these jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree.

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MOOCs….Changing Higher Education and Replacing Colleges?

MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses. These are online courses taught by professors. MOOcs can change higher education because they are “a cheap, high-quality alternative to expensive, exclusive universities (Newsom, 2013).” They can also change higher order education because it is a convenient way, for anyone with an internet connection, to learn. Instead of people walking or driving to class, all they have to do is sit in front of a computer. According to the Huffington Post “But education is not simply about content delivery. Education is about inspiration. It’s about lighting a fire in the mind (and maybe the belly too). Call me skeptical, but I don’t think a MOOC can do that (Astore, 2013).” I believe that online education cannot replace college because I feel as if someone is not truly learning if they are just listening to a video or reading something online. I believe teaching is more effective with a professor in front of you lecturing, trying to engage the class. I also feel as if you are learning directly from a computer, that it is more facilitating in being distracted by social networking. If you are writing out notes in a class, it is not as distracting. There are also more chances for plagiarism in online courses and cheating because the professor is not sitting there watching you take the test .”In hand-grading the midterm, Professor Duneier and his assistants found that about 3 percent of the students had plagiarized from Wikipedia, lecture notes or other sources — and that two students with the same last name submitted identical answers (Lewin, 2012).” Overall, I don’t think MOOCs will turn out to be very effective.


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Syria Bombing??

The U.S. has reversed it’s plan to attack Syria. One of the reasons the U.S. didn’t bomb Syria is because now, Obama is trying to cultivate a less hostile, working relationship with newly elected President Hassan Rouhani that may in time lead to a reduction in tensions that have continued without interruption since the hostage crisis of 1979 (Smith, 2013). The compromise made between the United Nations, the United States of America, and Syria, is that if President Bashar al-Assad does not destroy all of the stockpiles of his chemical weapons, the use of force will automatically be sanctioned against him. I think that it is good that the U.S. is trying to look out for other nations, but I feel as though this can be done without so much force, such as doing something besides bombing. The U.S. wanted to bomb Syria because Syria is hurting their people and using chemical weapons and Obama wanted to stop this from happening. The Syrian government is harming their civilians, which the U.S. was trying to intervene and prevent. The Syrian government has denied launching any gas attack, although it has acknowledged it has such weapons and is in talks to give them up (Hosenball, 2013).


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Debt Ceiling and the Government Shutdown

For the first time in 17 years, Congress failed Monday night to agree on a new budget and refused to extend the current one (Shear, 2013). This is partially because of the debt ceiling, which is a maximum amount set by Congress that the government is allowed to borrow in order to pay its debts. “If Congress fails within a certain time frame to raise the debt ceiling, funds would not be available to pay bills and the U.S. government would technically be in default. According to the Treasury Department, failure to raise the debt ceiling—which has never happened—would “threaten the jobs and savings of everyday Americans” (, 2013). As a result of no decision being made, the government shutdown, which affects very many Americans. Many Americans are worried that they will not be paid. Also as a result, many national parks were closed. The current economy has been struggling for a while, with many people unemployed and low wages given to those who are employed. (2013, september 19). Debt ceiling: Cnbc explains. CNBC. Retrieved from

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I am a Psychology Major

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