There are many pieces of information that I consider private. These include grades, text messages, private messages between people, email messages etc. I consider these sources of information to be private because they are normally between me and another person. They are for no one else to see besides me and the other person involved. Grades are between me and my professor, text messages are between me and a friend or family member, private messages are between me and the other person involved, and email messages could be between me and a professor, family, friend etc.

Even though there is so much information  given away via social media, I do believe that it is inappropriate and unfair for the government to be reviewing public info. Social media is a place where people can post whatever they choose. Even though the government is trying to protect the people, I feel that it is a violation of privacy for these postings to be viewed excessively by the government. I also feel that it is unfair for corporations to be reviewing the information that we post. The things we post online via social media doesn’t directly reflect how we are in the workplace and as a person, at least for most of us. They are both very different environments


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