STEM Subjects

STEM subjects are those in the fields of science, technology, education, and math. Most stem jobs require a large amount of education. STEM jobs on average pay more than do regular jobs.  Every major group of STEM occupations enjoys overall median earnings that are above the national average. As a group, STEM workers earned about 70 percent more than the national average in 2005, according to BLS (Terrell, 2007). As is seen in the chart below, employment in STEM jobs has been increasing since 2004 and there are also more job openings in STEM jobs, with more of these jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree.

 Terrell, N. (2007). Stem occupations. Occupational Outlook Quarterly, (Spring 2007), 26-33. Retrieved from


Note. Employment in STEM jobs. Reprinted from “STEM jobs”, by Nicholas Terrell, 2007, Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Spring, p.30 . Copyright unknown . Adapted with permission





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