Syria Bombing??

The U.S. has reversed it’s plan to attack Syria. One of the reasons the U.S. didn’t bomb Syria is because now, Obama is trying to cultivate a less hostile, working relationship with newly elected President Hassan Rouhani that may in time lead to a reduction in tensions that have continued without interruption since the hostage crisis of 1979 (Smith, 2013). The compromise made between the United Nations, the United States of America, and Syria, is that if President Bashar al-Assad does not destroy all of the stockpiles of his chemical weapons, the use of force will automatically be sanctioned against him. I think that it is good that the U.S. is trying to look out for other nations, but I feel as though this can be done without so much force, such as doing something besides bombing. The U.S. wanted to bomb Syria because Syria is hurting their people and using chemical weapons and Obama wanted to stop this from happening. The Syrian government is harming their civilians, which the U.S. was trying to intervene and prevent. The Syrian government has denied launching any gas attack, although it has acknowledged it has such weapons and is in talks to give them up (Hosenball, 2013).


Hosenball, M. (2013, September 12). Syria chemical weapons death toll cited by obama administration may be inflated. Huffington Post. Retrieved from

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