Outsourcing-Good, bad, or meaningless to you and the U.S.?

I believe that outsourcing has its good and bad points. Outsourcing is good for other companies but bad for the U.S.  This is because it can supply jobs and money to those in need and suffering poverty. It can give job opportunities to many people who would otherwise not have jobs. People in other countries should be appreciative of the opportunities that outsourcing supplies them. Outsourcing can provide a low wage to people outside the U.S.

Outsourcing is bad for the U.S. because it is taking away jobs for Americans that need them. I think outsourcing should be considered a big deal to many Americans. This is because they are losing out on jobs. This is one of the reasons why Americans are facing unemployment. Outsourcing, in a way is unfair to Americans because they too can do this labor.



Recently, a new invention has been made, the Google Glass. This is a very neat new electronic device. I do think this is an evolutionary step in the right direction. However I don’t see it as a necessity for most people. I could see it being very useful for people who may not have hands, so that they are literally able to use it with their voices. I feel as though the google glass has many of the same functions that an iphone, ipod, ipad, or other smartphone has, therefore not being very “evolutionary”

The benefits with this technology is that it is hands free and voice activated. People that may not have use of their hands, it is also very useful for. It is also useful for people who are not very technologically inclined. The problems with this is that people will begin to rely more and more on technology. This can because people to become very lazy. This will also teach future generations to rely on technology instead of actually learning information.


There are many pieces of information that I consider private. These include grades, text messages, private messages between people, email messages etc. I consider these sources of information to be private because they are normally between me and another person. They are for no one else to see besides me and the other person involved. Grades are between me and my professor, text messages are between me and a friend or family member, private messages are between me and the other person involved, and email messages could be between me and a professor, family, friend etc.

Even though there is so much information  given away via social media, I do believe that it is inappropriate and unfair for the government to be reviewing public info. Social media is a place where people can post whatever they choose. Even though the government is trying to protect the people, I feel that it is a violation of privacy for these postings to be viewed excessively by the government. I also feel that it is unfair for corporations to be reviewing the information that we post. The things we post online via social media doesn’t directly reflect how we are in the workplace and as a person, at least for most of us. They are both very different environments

Illegal downloading

I believe that illegal downloading is not a victimless crime. This is because there are in fact victims. The victims of illegal downloading are those that own the music, movies, videos etc. that are being downloaded. The victims of illegal downloading are losing money because people are illegally downloading these products for free and not paying the owners. Record companies could also be victims of illegal downloading. This is because instead of people buying their products they are obtaining them for no cost and the record companies don’t make a profit.

Illegal downloading is not different from stealing. This is because people are obtaining these downloads with out asking the person who made the music or other products for permission. Stealing also involves taking something without permission or without paying for it. We don’t own the rights to the things we can download off of the internet. So by downloading from an online website it is theft.